Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hey Frightners!

So I just wrapped up another successful BlogTv Episode. It was my fourth show and it was so much fun as usual! Like I have been saying, it's a great way to speak with other haunters and all my frightners in real time, talk Halloween, haunting, prop making and more as well as share useful tips and tricks. I highly suggest checking out a show if you haven't already. Not only can you see me live on the screen and talk with me but there is also always a large number of other haunters in the room that you can speak with as well and it is just a great way to catch up with everyone. It's always great to blog & vlog but getting that real face time is great. Below is a quick vlog that I did while counting down to tonight's Blogtv, I ponder a few thoughts and give a few shout outs.


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