Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Love'n Me Some Toys!

Hi Frightners!

So some of you may know already that I LOVE TOYS! I seriously am a Toys-R-Us kid and I never want to grow up!

I've worked in the toy industry as a designer for most of my professional career so I suppose it goes with the territory that I have such a passion for toys. Anyone who has seen my Blogtv episodes has probably seen some of my collection as toys decorate my home office. They are both cool to look at and a source of inspiration while I work on my art and various other projects.

I am always keeping an eye out for new cool and unique toys and because I am a haunt fanatic I am always  looking extra hard for some cool monster toys as well. I tend to love the independent toy companies more than anything. There are a lot of small companies out there that are making some really cool stuff. I suppose these companies aim at the collectors more than the mainstream markets but none the less I think the following monster toys are ones we could all appreciate!

The first company is The Monster Workshop. These guys and ghouls are from the UK and make some amazing..I'll say it again...AMAZING monster items!

They have a quite a few items such as their Monsters that you can purchase (AKA Adopt) from their Adoption Store. Most of these furry guys are hand crafted and in limited edition. They are fairly large in size, have great detail and are simply unique. Take a look at this guy, his name is Knutt. 

The next group of products come from their Taxidermy line. They make Monster Paws, Handbags and yes of course  30" x 40" Monster Area rugs - 

Finally, their newest additions to the store are their puppets. Now I could actually see these guys getting put to use in a haunt and am currently debating getting one myself. Here is the link for their puppets, PUPPETS HERE and here is a video of Mr. Cyclops in action. You can view the rest of the puppet video on their site.

The next company I'd like to feature is Schmancy Toys. They have currently released a plus series of what they call Zomberries. These are funny little fruit characters that feature embroidered seeds, needle-felted mold, eye sockets, eyeballs, brains and blood oh my!

These little guys come in all shapes and sizes ranging from 4" tall or 2.5" tall. It's a very limited run so I suggest that if you like any of them you grab them while you can. Here are a few of my favorites - 

Finally, here is a cool little guy from from Jason Frailey Studio. His name is Fibian, the Frog Boy.

Fibian hasn't been released yet for purchase and is still a work in project but I loved the design of him and it gives me tons of ideas for haunt projects. The concept of Fibian was a joint team effort from Matt from Onell Design and Marty from The God Beast. Check out these guys websites for some more cool stuff!

So I hope you frightners enjoyed a cool look at some neat monster toys. I always say inspiration can come from anywhere and for me, toys are close to the top of my list for things that can inspire great haunt ideas!

Stay Frightful!


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