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An Interview With Bloodcrest Manor!

Hello Frightners!!!

Today I'd like to introduce you all to a close haunting friend of mine Joiseygal of Bloodcrest Manor!

I meet Joisey when I first started posting on Hauntforum and was looking for local NJ Haunters. Joisey is a member of the NJ/PA Make and Take group which I started attending a few months ago. She is well known for her love of Great Stuff Foam and Great Zombie Makeup techniques and costumes. She is an avid participant in various zombie walks and parades and has won numerous awards for the awesome costumes she builds!

Just this past year Joisey took her Halloween yard display to the next level and jumped into the world of the Haunt Walkthrough. For any of us haunters out there who do a walkthrough we know what added pressures it can bring but Joisey took it all in stride and created a great first walkthrough to be proud of!

Here is my interview with her which I want to thank her for in advance. It was a great read and a very informative one at that. If you are looking to take the next step to expand your haunt then Joisey has some wonderful tips and tricks that can help you do that and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for this year. Already she has some cool props in the works which she details all about on her YouTube page.

So Lets get to it shall we! Interview number 3 of the Deadtime Stories with Joiseygal of Bloodcrest Manor!

An Interview with Bloodcrest Manor.

1) Did you always love Halloween and Horror?
I've always loved horror movies. When I was 9yrs. old I watched a movie called, "Mothers Day" and was intriqued by the gory scenes. I loved the special effects in movies especially getting results with make up. I've always wanted to pursuit a career in make up, but life took a different a path. Although I haven't become a profesional make up artist I get to express my creativity through making props and costumes. I would consider Halloween to be my creative outlet!

2) How and when did you first start getting into haunting?
When I went to the Long Branch Haunted Mansion in 1980 I definitely wanted to get into the haunting industry. I was only 10 years old, but I knew scaring people is what I wanted to do. I just wish that the internet was available at that time because I would of definitely took advantage of the resources we have available today. The young generation that is interested in Halloween I would strongly recommend checking out the Halloween websites that are availiable. 

3) When did the love for making your own props start? What was your first prop you ever made?
That is a hard question because I can't recall the very first prop I made. I know about five years ago I enhanced a few store bought props that gave me the interest to make my own props. I think it was a spider victim that I used for the Scarecrow contest I entered at Williams Nursery. After the contest I displayed the prop in my yard. 

4) I heard you are the queen of Great Stuff spray foam? Care to elaborate on that a bit?
I love Great Stuff! I've made a 6ft. Instualted foam spider. I used it for my Crispy Critter ground breaker. I made a zombie victim with instulated foam guts and intestants coming out of the stomach. I use Great Stuff for Zombie costumes. I think Great Stuff is one of my favorite items to use for making props. The results are amazing and it doesn't take much effort. 

5) I see on your website Bloodcrest Manor you have entered a few contests like the Zombie Beauty Contest at the Asbury Park Zombie Walk and the Landi Comic Division at the Mummers Parade. The outfits look like they took a lot of time. Have you always been into making your own costumes and doing your own zombie makeup? Any zombie makeup tips and tricks?
Eighteen years ago I marched in my first Halloween Parade which was the Toms River Halloween Parade. It is one of the largest parades on the east coast and I thought it was amazing. I altered a costume that actually came in the top five in a category I entered so that gave me the ambition to create my own original costumes for future parades. I've been marching in parades for the last eighteen years making my own costumes and applying my own make up. I usually procrastinate, so the costumes I make are done the week before the parade. As for tips I would suggest to check out Youtube videos on Make up like: anaarthur81, petrilude, etc.

6) This past year 2010 was your first ever walkthrough. What made you take that big step and what was the process like working on expanding your haunt like that?
I did Halloween displays for three years before I wanted to expand to a Haunted Walkthrough in 2010. I worked for a professional Haunted House in October 2009 which was so much fun that I wanted to be able to do something similar in my yard. I also enjoyed listening to conversations and watching videos of other haunts that people had. As for the process of working on the haunt I started the second week of October setting up the front display and than continuing working through October to build the haunted walk through. A good friend of mine told me that once you go from display to haunt their is no turning back and to be honest I wouldn't want it any other way! 

7) You recently started Haunt Vlogging. How has that experience been and what got you into doing it? Any advice for someone who wants to vlog but may be a bit scared to take that step into doing it?
I have been watching the Bloodshed Brothers vlogs for almost a year now and HalloweenHellmouth for the past seven months and I have really enjoyed watching the day by day process of a Halloween enthusiast. The past six months I noticed more vloggers from the Halloween community including yourself Jay and that would be my subsitute for watching television programs. I think when I finally watched a girl vlog (Dionicia12) it gave me the convindence to start vlogging. I give the people that do daily vlogs a lot of credit because it is a lot of work, but I enjoy posting a vlog every other week to join in on the Halloween vlogging community. As for starting a vlog I would suggest just giving it a try if you love Halloween and want to express it through video. 

8) Any new props that you are working on for this years haunt? Any new sections your adding to the walkthrough?
I am adding three new rooms to my haunt. I am going to have a hallway with pictures on the wall with a mirror drop panel. I am going to have a butcher room with a glass display refrigerator that will have an actor inside. (the refrigerator will have the back cut open for ventilation) I also was able to get a sink and a toilet, so I will be doing a bathroom scene. 

9) If you had an unlimited budget to build the prop of your dreams what would it be?
I think if I had a unlimited budget than it wouldn't be as fun anymore. I think the fun of making a prop is finding that reindeer motor on the side of the road or going to a yard sale and locating a shiatsu massager. I enjoy reading post on the Hauntforum of people that scored items to create props. I think one of my favorite props that I made is a prop that I entered for the $20 prop contest on the Hauntforum.

10) What does Joiseygal and Bloodcrest Manor have in store for us in the future and beyond?!
Well I will be having a 100th subscriber contest for my Joiseygal Halloween Vlogs in the near future. Also I will be changing rooms and expanding my haunt every year. Also I will be including pneumatic props in the near future because a good friend of mine gave me an air compressor.

I hope you all enjoyed my interview with Joiseygal of Bloodcrest Manor. Please travel over to her webpage to see more video and picture of her haunt And also subscribe to her on her YouTube. That wraps up this edition of The Deadtime Stories. For more Deadtime stories please go to the Deadtime Stories page by using the link on the top right of this page.

Stay Frightful!!!


Dawn (Nickols Manor/Wacky Whimsy) said...

Great interview FG and Joisey!! I love reading and getting to know haunters better - It really adds a lot to this little community of ours! Love watching both of your Vlogs!

The October boy said...

Very cool as usual FG! Nice to hear from others out there.
Keep up the good work

BloodcrestManor said...

Thanks Jay! I love the interview! I really appreciate the kind words and as you already know I love your work! Keep up the great work!!!

The Frog Queen said...

Great interview! Always enjoy meeting new haunters. Love the vlogs too! Even though they are cutting into my prop making time! LOL!

Thanks again for sharing.


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