Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zombie Terrors!!! & Zombie Santa Contest!

Good Evening One & Everyone!

I figured I would start with a greeting that had a little more kick than just "hi all" or something along those lines, so what did ya think haha!

Well I wasn't sure I was going to put a new post up until a few days from now but today I was sitting at my desk at work looking at this 11x17 zombie poster that I got for free at my local comic shop down the block from were where I work in New York. I got the poster a few weeks before Halloween and it is a poster that is advertising a new Graphic Novel called Zombie Terrors!

I usually go to my local comic shop on Wednesday's which is new comic book day for those none comic book readers out there. I kept forgetting to check out what the Zombie Terrors comic was all about and finally after starring at the poster yet again today at my desk I figured I would head down to the shop to finally check it out seeing how it has been out since Halloween day. Needless to say I was pleased with it. I mean how can you go wrong with zombies right? Arrrrrggg! Brains!!!

Zombie Terrors is a compilation of Zombie Stories by various writers and artists that is produced by Asylum Press. Asylum Press has a few other Horror related titles but for around 14 buckaroos you can have your self one nice book with a whole bunch of zombie goodness. For a quick peek at what is in the book check it out HERE

Next up on my Zombie Comic list is "A Very Zombie Christmas." I saw it today while in the shop and figured with the holidays right around the corner I can't go wrong with this one but answer me this "what kind of presents would a zombie santa give out anyway?" Now don't just say BRAINS!! ...but read carefully here...if you do answer with a creative answer in this post I am going to be giving away a cool one of a kind Zombie Attack Poster created by yours truly (see poster below) and a copy of A Very Zombie Christmas Vol 1.

The contest ends Christmas Day and we will post the winner right here on the blog SOOOooo...What kind of present would a Zombie Santa give?
Your Answer here_____. Be creative, most creative answer wins! Please keep your answers nice and not too naughty!

Zombie Terrors!

The Comic You Can Win!

The Poster You Can Win!


Steves haunted yard said...

A head start!

Steves haunted yard said...

Fresh reindeer jerky

Steves haunted yard said...

Rudolph's nose

Steves haunted yard said...

How about a severed foot in your stocking LOL.
Did I win yet! I love contests

Luis Echevarria said...

Im sure He'd give something like a nice zombie head under the tree, Maybe some live reindeer sausage, or The heart of youre loved one, fresh on a platter? Ive always been partial to hearts, yummy.

Gill_Zilla said...

A topical anesthetic.

Dr Morbius said...
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Dr Morbius said...

A trail of blood and entrails leads from the fireplace to the tree in your living room..a sure sign that Zombie-Santa has been there! He has kindly left you the half eaten corpse of Mrs. Clause because, after all, since giving him milk and cookies all those years when Santa was alive, he wanted to return the favor. How kind of him to share his Christmas dinner with you! The tree looks a little different too. It seems jolly ol' Saint "Sick" has hung the tiny dead bodies of 12 elves on the bows. Dripping with elven blood, the gifts under the tree now sparkle with elf hemoglobin magic, casting shadows of the undead on the walls. This would be a perfect Zombie Christmas had it not been for the fact that you woke up before Santa had time to leave. Look behind you! Santa has slunk out of the shadows and taken a bite out of your shoulder! Ahh well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good "Bite"!

Dr Morbius said...


Dr Morbius said...

Bows of Holly (Hunter)

Sharon said...

If the Zombie Santa was giving to another zombie than I would think a bullet proof helmet would be the ultimate gift. :)

Wolfie said...

Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the Mall, Zombies shuffled up and down the halls
The dead gathered near the christmas trees trees and toy trains,
Milling about looking and for brains,
Up on the roof there arose such a clatter,
the dead took heed in hopes of grey matter
They shuffled and formed up like a pack of undead hounds,
not a thought in their head just following the sounds,
They dont know its Christmas or what that entails,
They dont decorate trees or bake a feast of entrails,
It is not a human or a future meal,
who makes a ruckus on the malls roof of steel,
Knowing nothing but hoping to feast,
a hatch opened up just out of their reach,
and what should there cloudy decayed eyes behold,
But an undead figure like them suit stained blood red and and a beard full of mold,
his decay and rot could not hide his girth,
and he hefted a sack filled with items of worth,
He leapt down amoung them and gave each one a present,
each zombie was better because of his descent,
He led the shambling and broke wide the malls gates!
and unleashed on the town Zombies on Skates!
In true Christmas spirit he evened the odds
the zombies were faster and fresh for their cause!
the wobbly zombies were harder to keep in sights,
and more zombies survived that Christmas night,
Zombie santa had finished his work
speedy undead was his holiday perk
This Christmas all the zombies gained,
Now rolling undead on the lookout for brains!

Grimlock Manor said...

Just checking in on these and they are all really looking good! Lots of thought is going into your answers..I lOVE IT! It's going to be hard to pick a winner. Remember you can enter as much as you would like and as a quick reminder... If you haven't created a blogger account that I can access your email at then please contact me at my email. I noticed a few people who left answers do not have any contact information and if you do happen to win I will need a way to get in touch with you so I can get your mailing addresses. Just two more days to enter!!!

Hook's Haunted Hollow said...

Some Fava beans and a nice bottle of Kiante'

Dr Morbius said...

Stockings hung on the chimney with care...with feet still in them.

Dr Morbius said...

You don't EVEN want to see the nativity scene outside on the front me.

Dr Morbius said...

A "slay"..Get it? A sl..oh nevermind.

Grimlock Manor said...

I'd love to see the nativity scene outside on your front lawn! I can only imagine...or can I?

Adam said...

Gnawed bones and Brain pudding

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