Monday, December 20, 2010

Contest Update, Shout Outs & Lunar Eclipse!

Hello Me Haunters!

I hope all has been frightfully well! I am looking forward to Christmas and New Years to be here already. Don't get me wrong because I do love this time of year (not as much as Halloween!) but it is definitely stressful at times which I am sure you can all agree. I just want to get some free time back so I can get back to some real work on my props for the 2011 season, luckily I can still sneak in a blog post every other day or so.

So on to todays news!

First up is the contest update. We have about ten total entries thus far which is pretty cool considering I am still a pretty new blog. I absolutely appreciate everyone who has entered thus far and I encourage anyone who hasn't to please not be shy and throw up a post. Just answer the question "What would a Zombie Santa give as a Christmas Present?" Just be creative and have fun with it and who knows maybe you will win the 11x17 Zombie Attacks poster and Vol. 1 of "A Very Zombie Christmas!" I've posted actual pictures of the items below all ready to go out to the winner who we will announce on Christmas Day! The Zombie poster is in a nice glass frame ready to hang in your home or work office, man cave, evil dungeon or dragons lair and the comic is all ready to be a permanent fixture on the side of your porcelain throne! Also, be sure to sign up to follow the blog because even if you don't win the grand prize I will be mailing out some zombie swag to all who sign up to follow so getch ya some Grimlock Manor Zombie swag and sign up today!

Next up I want to give a shout out to some Vloggers and Bloggers out there real quick. I've only just begun home haunting in the last three years so I am playing catch up with a lot of the great haunt blogs, vlogs and websites out there. I can't post them all but there are a few recently that I've gotten really into that I just want to note in case you haven't heard of them yourself and hey if you know of any or have one yourself that you want me to check out please let me know because I am sure in the future I will do some some more in depth write ups on these and others SOOoo...recently I have really been into Steve's Haunted Yard, Steve gave us a shout out in his most recent blog which was super cool so please check him out Here and at his website Forgotten Cemetary. Also I am sure you all know Johnny Thunder who gives us those awesome horror reviews on Hauntcast well he has a really cool blog called the Midnite Spookfrolic. It is such a great read and he keeps it updated regularly. Speaking of Hauntcast I love, love, LOVE this podcast. There are a lot of podcasts out there that come and go that talk about halloween related topics but Hauntcast is really all about us home haunters. I've written about it before but please support Chris Baker The G-Host with the most and his whole cast of minions over at Hauntcast. Finally there is the Bloodshed Brothers. The brothers blood do a Vlog (video blog ) almost ever day. During Halloween they are hard at work on their home haunt and in the off season they will still try and throw in some hallowen related news but they also do movie reviews and have even started with some haunt product reviews but whatever the topic is you can rest assure it's always a good vlog.

Wow! This is a long post ok so to finish it all up if you didn't know tonight is a Lunar Eclipse which only takes place when the sun, earth and moon are all perfectly aligned. This is a pretty amazing event seeing how the last Lunar eclipse was 371 years ago!  Unlike a solar eclipse which only can be seen for a few moments a lunar eclipse can be viewed for several hours and you won't require any special glasses or equipment like you would with a solar eclipse because a lunar eclipse is perfectly safe to view with just your eyes. So if you feel like take a look at one of the earths most amazing event's then keep your eyes peeled between the hours of 1:30am & 5am. Should be cool!

Alrighty then! Remember to post your answers to the "What would a Zombie Santa give as a Christmas Present?" contest in its' post which is two below this one and sign up to follow the blog for some free swag! Stay Scary!


Johnny Thunder said...

Hey dude - thanks for the scream out, much appreciated!

I'm still trying to come up with something for the contest too.

Have a good one!

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