Saturday, December 18, 2010

Contest & Home Haunt Of The Year Finalists.

A Frightfully Scary hello to everyone today!

Just some updates today. The "What would a Zombie Santa Give as a Present" contest is still running. We have a few entries so far and there are some pretty funny answers so please check it out in the post below. All you have to do is answer that question with a creative answer in that post and Bingo Bango Boingo! your entered to win an 11x17 canvas Zombie Attacks poster that is nicely framed along with Vol. 1 of a Very Zombie Christmas!

The contest will run until Christmas Day when we will announce the winner in our Christmas Day post along with their creative answer. You can enter as many times with as many answers as you want. I will be picking the winner with the help of a few family members and friends but essentially everyone will be a winner because as long as you enter and sign up to follow the blog I will be sending out some cool Zombie Swag to everyone who that signs up as a follower so remember to sign up and have some fun with your answers!

Next update is about the  Home Haunt of the Year Contest brought to us by the Home Haunters Association. There was about 50 entries this year and they were all awesome. So many pictures and videos, I can't imagine how hard it was to judge. Grimlock Manor Submitted a video but unfortunately we didn't make the cut this year but that is ok because it gives us the drive to continually perfect our craft and strive to continually make our haunt the best it can be. I've posted the first round finalists below and a link to the HHA website so you can view all the videos and pictures. I encourage everyone to take some time to head on over there and take a peek at all the hard work these home haunters put into their haunts. As a home haunter myself I know we put in endless hours working on our haunts every year, some of us work all year round on them so I tip my hat to everyone who continually strives to put on a great show and give Halloween the respect it's due and thank you to the HHA for running such a cool contest for us Home Haunters to participate in. Also, a quick shout out to Steve's Haunted Yard for making the first round cut's! Steve was the first entry into the "What would a Zombie Santa Give as a Present"contest and I want to wish him some good luck in the running for Home Haunt of the Year!

Stay Scary everyone, remember to take a few minutes and enter the contest in the post below and please support the awesome home haunters of the world and check out the HHA Website below!

Home Haunters Association

Los Banos Haunted House
Casa Fear
Darkwing Manor & Morguetorium Museum
Haunt 31
Halloween Brothers Train Ride
Rotten Apple 907
McKamey Manor
Northrad's Yard Haunt
Soul's of the Forsaken
Steve's Haunted Yard
The Count's Crypt
Shadow Theme
The Wicked West Ghost Town
House of Stonewell
Davis Graveyard


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