Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working on Props Part 2

Hi All!

I'm back with part two of my Working on Props posts. In the first round I began to modify a plastic skull with an LED Eye Kit from Hauntbots. My goal is to continue to work on that skull, repaint and corpse it and hopefully add it to a body but tonight I started working with a material that is new to me called Claycrete.

Essentially I would say that Claycrete is just like papier mache pulp that you would make at home by blending your paper into a fine pulp than adding in your flour and water, glue and water or whatever mix works best for you. In the case of Claycrete the mache is already made for you and all you need to add to it is the water.

I don't really have a clear idea in mind for this prop yet but I know I want it to be one of the creepy characters at my Carnival of Souls haunt next year. I suppose the inspiration for this prop would be Deadspiders Mr. Hemlock Dench prop that you can read more about on her website

Instead of using a skull or foam head as a base I built up a large paper mache ball to work off of. When the paper had dried I began to apply the Claycrete mixture to the paper mache ball. The wet Claycrete did soften the paper mache base slightly but not to the point where I had to scratch the idea and start with a different base.

I only focused on the the front portion where the face will be because I intend on adding hair of some sort and possibly a top hat in the end. Right now I am in a very rough state but have attached ping pong balls for the eyes and quickly formed out a nose and some eyebrows just as guide. Another round of Claycrete is up next. I hope to define his face more, add a mouth and fill in around the eyes more. Once the face is done I will need to spend some time sanding it down to smooth it out and then it will be time for paint.

I hope to have a new round of pictures next week to show you the progress I have made. It's surely and experiment using a new product but it's a fun one that I hope turns out good! Stay tuned!

Here is Mr. hemlock Dench who I think is awesome! He is the inspiration behind this prop.
This is a close up of the beginning stages of Mr. Denche's face. When I saw this I decided Claycrete might be a good material to try and see if I can get the same results.
This is the Claycrete as packaged in the store. It is a fine paper pulp that dries super hard!
I started by making a solid paper mache ball and once dry I began to add the Claycrete to form a face.

Once I had the front covered with the Claycrete I added ping pong balls for the eyes applying them with Gorilla Glue. I then formed a quick nose and eyebrows as guidelines for when I begin to detail the face. I'll continue to add more Claycrete to form the face and begin really defining facial details. Once satisfied  I will sand until smooth and then start the paint.


DanMonsterMan said...

Exceptional work! I love this. Thank you for sharing!

Grimlock Manor said...

Thanks DanMonsterMan! I appreciate it! Please keep an eye out as there is plenty more to come and if you wish, sign up to follow the sight.


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