Saturday, December 4, 2010

What It's Like Being Alone Series

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I'm currently continuing my work on my new paper mache prop today and hope to have some progress pictures by Sunday night or mid week next week but I wanted to get a post in here today. I do have some exciting news to share soon but it will probably be another week or so before I can really share so please stay tuned because it will be a fun and interesting addition to this blog for sure!

Todays post is about a stop motion series I came upon maybe a year or two ago that I was just thinking about the other day and because it has some freak show type Halloween-ish type characters so I figured it was fitting for the blog and maybe most of my haunt readers out there might like it.

The series is called What It's Like Being Alone and was featured on CBC Canada back in 2006. It's a dark comedy claymation series aimed at adults. There are 13 episodes (one season.) The storyline follows a groups of mutant children living in an orphanage.

The characters in the series are:

• Aldous, who is the eldest of the orpahns. She is tall, dark and depressed and very gothic obssessed (ohh that rhymed! LoL!)

• Armie, a boy with no limbs, except for his left arm. He glides around on a skateboard.

• Brian Brian, an incredibly intelligent 9 year old boy with two brains and three eyes.

• Byron & Beasly, a blue baby with two heads.

• Charlie, a flaming boy.

• Princess Lucy, a short, fat, warty grey blob of a girl who believes she is a princess.

• Sammy Fishboy, a swamp monster.

• Seymore Talkless, an eleven year old boy with no mouth and one eye.

And finally Nanny Goodapple who is the orphans' caretaker. I haven't watched all of the episodes which you can find on Youtube but from what I have seen there are some funny parts, the characters are fun and the stop motion isn't bad. I suppose it didn't last because of it's adult content but it seems like the type of show you may find on Comedy Central or Cartoon Network. Check it out if your looking to fill your mutant monster fix for the day. I've posted part one of the first episode below, you can find part two along with the rest of the 13 episodes on Youtube and here is the link for the shows website: What It's Like Being Alone Series

Hope you enjoy!


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