Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scary Christmas to All! We Have a Winner!

A HUGE Thank You goes out to everyone who entered the contest and signed up to follow the blog this month, we really appreciate it and we hope to continue to make our blog an interesting one to come visit every day. There were a lot of great answers given for the contest and we got some great laughs! It was truly hard to pick a winner but our congrats goes out to Wolfie for his Zombie Rendition of "Twas A NIght Before Christmas." Great job Wolfie!, and a great job to everyone else who entered. We will be contacting everyone shortly after the holiday to send out all the cool Zombie Swag!

Scary Christmas Everyone!!!......

Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the Mall, Zombies shuffled up and down the halls
The dead gathered near the christmas trees trees and toy trains,
Milling about looking and for brains,
Up on the roof there arose such a clatter,
the dead took heed in hopes of grey matter
They shuffled and formed up like a pack of undead hounds,
not a thought in their head just following the sounds,
They dont know its Christmas or what that entails,
They dont decorate trees or bake a feast of entrails,
It is not a human or a future meal, 
who makes a ruckus on the malls roof of steel,
Knowing nothing but hoping to feast,
a hatch opened up just out of their reach,
and what should there cloudy decayed eyes behold,
But an undead figure like them suit stained blood red and and a beard full of mold,
his decay and rot could not hide his girth,
and he hefted a sack filled with items of worth,
He leapt down amoung them and gave each one a present,
each zombie was better because of his descent,
He led the shambling and broke wide the malls gates!
and unleashed on the town Zombies on Skates!
In true Christmas spirit he evened the odds
the zombies were faster and fresh for their cause!
the wobbly zombies were harder to keep in sights,
and more zombies survived that Christmas night,
Zombie santa had finished his work
speedy undead was his holiday perk
This Christmas all the zombies gained,
Now rolling undead on the lookout for brains!


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