Monday, January 31, 2011

The Fright Vlogs!

Welcome to my first ever Vlog!

I'm not sure how consistent I will be with these but I will surely try to keep up with them especially when I begin build my props this year. If you want to, please stop by my youtube page and subscribe. I will try to post them there and here. 

I promised myself I would take more video this year and try to track the process of building and putting together my haunt. My friends and family always ask how I created something or how long did it take to build or set up and sometimes it's hard to really explain the process or why I start months before Halloween so I think doing these videos will help with those answers and also be a nice way for me to share my process with you while giving me something to look back on each and every year as Grimlock Manor progresses.

I hope you enjoy,



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