Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hauntcast Giveaway on Shellhawks Nest!

Wow two posts in one day within a matter of minutes!!! Aren't you lucky!

Well I just wanted to give a shout out to Shellhawk at Shellhawks Nest. Shellhawk is promoting a GREAT giveaway right now that you can read up on and enter here: HAUNTCAST GIVEAWAY! That's right, she is giving all us haunters the chance to win 3 possible Hauntcast memberships. The contest ends January 17th so make sure you get on over to her blog read the directions and sign up to win today my friends!

If you have never read through Shellhawks blog then I am sure as a haunter or Halloween enthusiast you will greatly enjoy it! It's one of my many blog stops every day. Her posts are always entertaining and you can always count on a good read. Shellhawk also has a segment on Hauntcast called "The Charmed Pot." It's one of my favorite segments! (Brownie Points?!) In all honesty it's a great blog, you can always count on it being updated and if your a home haunter or halloween junky I'd suggest checking it out.

I did a write up some time ago about Hauntcast as well which you can view HERE if your not familiar with it. It's a great podcast for Halloween and Haunt Fanatics. There are great horror movie reviews, awesome prop building advice and cool interviews with some of the home haunt worlds best haunting gurus so check it out!


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