Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello all my haunt friends!

Tonight's post may be slightly long but its with good cause because the topic is about saving Hauntcast.

I've written about Hauntcast on a few occasions but in case you have never heard of it, Hauntcast is a podcast for the Home Haunt and Halloween enthusiast. The show is hosted and produced by Chris Baker and features his comedic sidekick Skully (voiced by Chris), Revenant who does a segment called Theater Of The Mind, Johnny Thunder with the horror movie reviews, The Mistress Of Mayhem Shellhawk with the Charmed Pot and Denhaunt with prop How-To's.

Before I continue on about the show I'd like to share how I came upon it and why it means so much to me that us as home haunters come together and show our support for Hauntcast. You see I became serious about haunting in 2008. I always loved Halloween, Horror and Haunted Houses but really started learning about the Haunt industry that year. I primarily researched the pro side of the industry because I was working on opening a charity haunt in 2009. This past year however, I reverted back to my home haunt roots because home truly is where the haunt/heart is to me.

I started searching out more home haunters like myself this past year and happened to come upon Haunt Forum which is a forum for home haunters. I began to meet some great people on Haunt Forum. Everyone is helpful and super supportive of one anothers haunts. As I began to dive into the site more and explore the many threads I came across Hauntcast in the News section of the site. Up until the point that I found Hauntcast I had been listening to a few different halloween podcasts but none really seemed to focus on the home haunter so I was excited to see someone was doing one for us. I was late to the game seeing how there was already two full seasons of Hauntcast already on iTunes for free but for me it was exciting because I had A LOT of listening to do and with halloween still slightly down the road I had something to hype me up and get ready for the season.

As with any podcast I usually go into it with low expectations. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great podcasts out there but there are plenty of poorly produced ones as well so I wasn't sure what I was going to get with Hauntcast, all I knew is it had to do with Halloween and Home Haunting so that was already a plus in my book. The next thing I did before I actually listened to my first Hauntcast episode was to read the information for each episode and to my surprise there seemed to be a great amount of information provided not to mention interviews with many of the home haunts who have caught my eye over the past 3-4 years so now my interest was totally peeked! I was ready to click away and listen with my fingers crossed that it would be good and let me tell you I was not let down!

Hauntcast offers everything a home haunter can ask for. The information you will obtain from each episode if priceless. I can't begin to tell you how many new websites, vendors and haunters I have learned about just by listening to the show. The entertainment value and production is also top notch. The hours of research done by the crew and the time that goes into editing the show definitely shows. It's a show I have come to love, it's a show that makes me happy to have a hobby like haunting and now it is a show that needs it's listeners to help out!

With all the effort it takes to produce a quality show like Hauntcast comes all the fees that we the listeners never see and never think about. The website fees, the bandwith fees, the promoting etc etc. Hauntcast can't survive with the few advertisers they have and they need our help. If we want to keep the show alive we have to "nut up or shut up!" Hauntcast is now offering subscription packages and for what amounts to just a $1 a show we can help keep them on the air, we can keep the laughs, the reviews, the how-to's and all the fun we have grown to love going. I've already made my contribution and if I have to I will make more but what will you do?

A show like this doesn't always come around. Chris and his crew love what they do, they love haunting and they have become an integral part of the home haunt community and I for one don't want to be sitting back during my Halloween season, drinking a brew and building a prop listening to old episodes trying to recapture what used to be....I'd much rather be drinking and building that prop listening to the newest episode of Hauntcast laughing my ass off and having a good old time knowing that the hits will just keep on coming and I hope you will agree with me and show your support. Please take a few minutes to watch Chris's plea to us haunters below and please makes your way over to the Hauntcast website to get your subscription today!!!



Johnny Thunder said...

Thanks for the scream out and continued support. Chris & the Team appreciate it.

Stay scary!

ShellHawk said...

Wow! Thanks so much for this. It's folks like you who can help save the show!

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