Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Halloween in the News!

Hello my haunt friends!

This past weekend I was reading through my local newspaper the Star-Ledger and in the jobs section I actually came across something Halloween related.

The article was titled "Three interesting, overlooked jobs." The third job was Haunted House Host. I tried to see if I could find the article online but couldn't so I'm just going to write it up here for everyone to read since it isn't to long. I thought it was interesting so I hope you enjoy.

Haunted House Host

Soft-soled shoes will help you sneak up on nervous customers while working in the haunted house business, which is thriving. In high season, Dwayne Sanburn of the 13 Gate Haunted House in downtown LA., employs 10 full time make-up artists, engineers and set designers to create its spooky scenes. It's becoming more common for haunted houses around the country to keep busy beyond October.

The entire Halloween market is benefiting from record numbers of thrill seekers. The Haunted House Association estimates that the industry grosses more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

Get acquainted with the industry by attending the National Halloween and Haunted Attraction Show, an annual event in March that includes three days of product sales and seminars and many networking opportunities. If you plan to start your own attraction, caution is in order. "Keep in mind that it's an expensive industry," Sanburn warns. "It's going to cost money to start."


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