Monday, July 11, 2011

Vlog Updates!

Hi Frightners!

Well I am back from my trip to Boston and man was it fun! Boston get a thumbs up in my book. There is plenty to do an see, so much history and as a haunter I loved seeing all the burial grounds which were simply classic and right up my alley!

I am currently uploading all my videos and pictures and hope to have them for you shortly. I will edit together my videos into one vlog post on my YouTube Channel for you all to see and will post just the cemetery pictures both here and on my Flickr Page for everyone to check out.

Below is a quick video overview of my trip as well as some upcoming news which I will share here with you too.

First, Hauntcast will be doing their first ever BlogTV this July 14th at 8PM EST. I will write up a post once more info is available to share and their is a link to their BlogTV page.

Second, I've just agreed to do a segment for an upcoming video that is being put together by HauntoweeN who is a fellow haunt vlogger on YouTube. The video is called "The Freakshow" and it will air this October on his Youtube Channel as well as a few other haunt vlogger channels. The Freakshow is a Halloween Special of sorts and will be made up of various segments by other haunters such as Terror Clowns, Halloween Hellmouth, Dionica 12 and more! There will be segments on Halloween history, prop building, top 5 Scariest places in the USA, Pro and Home Haunting etc. The project sounded like a lot of fun and it should be a great little special to watch this October so keep your eyes and ears open for more news on that.

For now please enjoy the latest Vlog and stay tuned for my Boston videos and pictures!


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