Sunday, July 17, 2011

Storm King.

Hey Frightners,

What great prop building weather we have had this weekend! I hope all my haunt buddies out there are having just as nice weather and are getting things done!

I still feel behind but I guess I will until the very last moment as I am always scrambling to add final details up to the very moment that I open my haunt up to everyone to see.

Well today I won't be doing much prop building but it is another inspiration day for me as I'm taking a ride with my wife and some friends to STORM KING. Storm King is an art center located one hour north of New York City in Hudson Valley. It has a huge collection comprised of over 100 massive sculptures which are all located among sprawling hills and a beautiful country side landscapes. You hike through the entire park and as you make your way you come across these massive works of art and are free to take pictures and get up close and personal.

Not to much of this is Halloween related but because I do view what I do as a haunter an art of sorts I do like to try and pull some inspiration from where ever I can. You never know what will inspire your next wicked creation!!

Please enjoy some of the pictures below. I will be back with another post and follow up tonight along with my last set of pictures from the Copps Hil cemetery in Boston.

Stay Frightful!


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