Thursday, July 28, 2011

Terra's Hell Horse Prop.

Hey Frightners!

Well I just wrapped up writing my segment for Hauntcast 33 which airs August 5th! I think I got some cool news and links for everyone so I do hope you enjoy the August edition of the Access Hollyween segment on Hauntcast.

Im constantly scouring the internet for cool haunt news and jotting down everything I see and read as potential topics of interest in my Access Hollyween segment but this is one link that I just simply have to share right now and it's a video for Terra's Hell Horse prop (as I dubbed it.)

I find there are always a few haunters each year that end up working on that one prop that becomes near and dear to them, that one prop that becomes their baby and focal point of their haunt that year. Those are the props that I love to see and learn what the process was that went into making them because the time and effort it took to make them really always shines through. Terra's Hell Horse prop is one of these types of props which simply amazed me and I am glad she posted a video of her process because it helps me appreciate it that much more.

Terra, great job! As Chris Baker would say on Hauntcast...I am not worthy! I am giving you my mad props for your prop and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it is finally set in its place this Halloween!

Enjoy the video everyone!


The Frog Queen said...

Her stuff is fantastic...I agree, I am not worthy.


The October boy said...

Wow....I'm just going to leave it at that!

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