Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vincent Price Presents by Blue Water Comics.

Hi Frightners!

Today I kicked back and caught up on reading some comics I had bought recently. There was one in particular that I think all you haunters out there may like and it was "Vincent Price Presents" by Blue Water Comics.

This is a monthly ongoing series by Blue Water Comics which features some of Prices's films as well as some new frightening tales all featuring Vincent as different characters all of which are sure to send shivers down your spine!

One tale I enjoyed that I highly suggest is issue #26 "House of the Raven."  If you like spooky old mansions, werewolfs and ghost then you will enjoy House of The Raven.

You can purchase these comics online on Amazon or at a local comic book shop and don't forget to check out the Blue Water Comics website for other titles such as Stephen King, The Blackbeard Legacy and Jason & The Argonauts The Kingdom of Hades.

Stay Frightful!


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