Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updates From Boston

Hey Frightners!


Well it's almost 6PM and the wife and I are back from our long trek around the Freedom Trail today. We saw lot's of different sights from Paul Reveres House, The State House, The birthplace of Ben Franklin and of course for all my haunters out there we saw the Granary, Kings Chapel and Copp's Hill Burial grounds.

The Burial ground were really amazing! All the old headstones, some worn other broken and most if not every still with their carved skeletons and cross bones that still adorned their tops. They just don't make them like they used to thats for sure! I think that not only did I love seeing all the skulls on the graves many of which were styled differently for different reasons which I will explain later but I also loved the sayings on the tombstones something that I think many of the tombstones today lack.

We are resting now in our Hotel which sits off Clarendon Street in Back Bay close to the upscale and antique shops of Newbury Street  just resting our legs before we head back out for our night time ghost tour of the city in which we will re-visit some of the burial grounds that we saw earlier today along with some other haunting spots along the way such as the Omni Parker house.

Once I have time when we get back home I will upload all my pictures and video that I've taken which is a lot but so far Boston hasn't disappointed and I highly suggest it to anyone. You have to be prepared to walk but most everything is within blocks of each other and if you must you can take the subway which is very easy and clean as compared to the NYC subways that I am used to and find disgusting.

We are looking forward to our tour tonight and I will try to grab as much video as possible but for now frightners stay frightful and I will be back with updates soon!


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