Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some Updates!

Hey Frightners!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is your last day to enter the "Freaky Friday Giveaway!" Just head to the post about it below, enter a comment (any will do) and POOF! Your entered! I will be announcing the winner on Saturday and revealing the prize next week so don't miss out on the first of many Freaky Friday Giveaways!

Here is just a quick update VLOG with some random babbling about a few topics as well as a quick review of the prop building books and videos by Steve Hickman of Terror Syndicate. Cool stuff!


Mr. Macabre said...

If you only knew how jealous I am that you have a store like that nearby...not to mention a haunt community nearby!!!

Great vlog and blog!

Dawn (Nickols Manor/Wacky Whimsy) said...

Since I'm not sure who has seen the results and who hasnt, I'm going to comment tonight as if I don't know either. But lemme just tell ya, Jaybo and I were picking our favorites as we have been watching all the DVDs over and over, and yours is definitely one of my favorites!! I had no idea that you and ghoulishcop were in the same MnT group, I guess I'm slow to pick up on the forums, but how cool is that - I have been watching him and Mad Dog all week - I bet you guys have a kick a** group! Anyways, just wanted to tell you how much I liked your Home Haunters video!

The Frog Queen said...

Big fan of Steve at Terror Syndicate :) Cannot say enough nice things about that guy. DG - LOVES him.


Grimlock Manor said...

Dawn, thanks so much! I appreciate it! It was actually my first year submitting a video to the collection. It was loads of fun and I cant wait to do it again next year! Our M&T group is a very funloving bunch. Ive only just started going to it recently but ive had such a good time. There are some super talented people..its just great to be surrounded by haunters what can I say!

Mr. Macbre, I am pretty lucky to have that shop close by. Its a huge favorite of mine! Im hoping to have the video up this weekend so you can see it. Also...i hope u watched the awards show as I want to say Congrats on the win!! Very cool!

Chris, Steves books really are great. So informative and wow..what an awesome haunt he has. Would love to meet him some day as I would love to meet you and Jeff and all the haunters across the globe...we should just build a gated in haunters community and all live there and decorate our houses all year round..wouldnt that be nice haha! Ahh I wish.

Spookworks said...

I vote to start building a gated haunters community immediately- best idea I've heard in a long time!! ;)

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