Monday, April 18, 2011

NJ/PA Convention Time!

Hey Frightners,

Just a heads up for those of you who are in the NJ/PA area or may be willing to travel for some haunting and horror fun. There are a few conventions coming our way in the upcoming weeks that I will be attending and covering in upcoming blog/vlog posts.

April 29th - May1st it's Chiller Time! No, I didn't say Miller time though if you want to have a brew at the bar be my guest! Yes The Chiller Theater Toy/Model/Film Horror Convention will be taking place at the Hilton in Parsippany, NJ. The guest list is huge and there are a variety of vendors. For more info check their website HERE.

Next up is the National Haunter Convention which takes place May 5th - May 8th at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King Of Prussia PA. There is quite a huge vendor list for this event along with various seminars & classes you can attend as well as bus tours to various haunts and a costume ball to top it all off. I have attended this show in the past and as someone who doesn't always have the means to make it to the Transworld Haunt Show in St. Louis this is a nice alternative. It's not as big (lets face it Transworld is the Grand Daddy Haunt Show) but the NHC has some good vendors that attend and is continually growing. I hope to meet up with some haunter friends of mine at the show and hopefully make a few purchases for the haunt this year. To learn a little more about the NHC check their website HERE.

Lastly, I wanted to mention Hauntcon in Louisville, KY. Yes it's not in NJ or PA but it is before both of the above mentioned conventions. It starts April 27th - May 2nd. Our friends from the Davis Graveyard will be teaching some really cool classes at the show one of which SOLD OUT! So I just wanted to say congrats to them for that and best of luck as well. I am sure the classes will go over well! For info on Hauntcon check HERE. Or do your best impersonation of a zombie walk and limp on over to the Davis Graveyard to see what GRAVE HAPPENINGS are going on.

I am looking forward to attending Chiller and the NHC. Even if you don't walk away with some goodies it is always nice to be surrounded by everything Haunt, Halloween and Horror related and it is always nice to meet up with and talk to other fellow haunters. I always learn something new or gather new ideas for my haunt by heading to these shows and highly suggest that if you have never been to one you give one a shot, if not these then one closer to your area.

If anyone is headed to Chiller or the NHC and would like to meet up and say hello please post below and we can set something up. I will be in my full Grimlock Manor attire with some Grimlock Handouts for everyone I meet with so I hope to see some of you at either show!


GhoulishCop said...

I'll be hitting up Chiller, Grim, and I'll be going to the Horror & Sci-Fi Expo in E. Rutherford in June too. Or thems the plans anyway. I hear JT from Hauntcast will be trying to put an appearance in at Chiller as well. Guess we'd just have to listen for that laugh.

Were you planning on going all three days or just one or two? I was thinking of just going on Saturday.


Johnny Thunder said...

What up. I might be taking the drive up to Chiller next week indeed. I also work & live pretty close to the NHC so although Chris isn't doing a booth there this year, I may pop in for a bit.

Grimlock Manor said...

Hey Ghoulish, I didnt know about the horror expo in East Rutherford, maybe ill head there with you? As for chiller and NHC im thinking of just going on the saturday of each event. Wouldnt mind meetimg up walking the floor and grabbing a beer if your up for it?

JT, glad to hear your headed to both! Id love to put the laugh to the name haha! Im trying to figure out the best way to meet. Up with everyone..any suggestions? Maybe wear the Hauntcast Ts??

GhoulishCop said...

Beer? Beer? Did someone say beer?! Sounds good Jay, and I've got my Hauntcast T ready to go.


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