Friday, April 15, 2011

Contest Update..

Hey Frightners!

Just an update that the Freaky Friday Giveaway Contest is still running and will end on until Saturday the 23rd so there is still time to enter the mystery box prize!

There has been a GREAT response to this contest and I am really excited to pick the winner and reveal the prize to everyone. As I said before we have some great stuff to giveaway from vendors like mini-spot, frightprops, ghostride and more. The prizes will always be Halloween & Horror related and they will always be mystery box prizes so stay tuned every month for the Freak Friday Giveaway! Yes that is EVERY MONTH that you will have a chance to win some amazing stuff from us here at Grimlock Manor.

If you haven't entered than be sure to post your comment in the Giveaway post below..we have about 20 entries so far so join in the fun and have a chance to win some cool stuff! Also be sure to sign up and follow the blog!

I want to say a big thank you to some of my vlogging buddies out there who have shared information about this contest: dEdmonton TV, The Bloodshed Brothers, HauntoweeN, HalloweenHellmouth. I haven't caught all the vlogs lately so if you did happen to say happy birthday or mention the contest than I thank you as well.

Life has been a little hectic lately. My father had a minor heart attack this past week but is in the hospital and recovering well from it. I will still be keeping up the blog, vlogs and twitter as much as possible but for a short time the posts might be slightly less than once every day or two. I am sure my Frightners out there in Halloween Land will understand as we are all human and have to deal with the crazy speed bumps life throws at us from time to time. I don't normally share these personal details but since I have become closer friends with some of you on here I felt ok with keeping you in the loop.

So the show must go on! Expect me to be back with the contest results next week. I will try and sneak a post in here or there before then and for now let me leave you with the latest installment of dEdmonton TV below. I really think this is a great show that shares some great information from around the web dealing with our favorite holiday Halloween along with many other haunted goodies. Please check it out and subscribe!

Frightfully Yours,



Justine's Halloween said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad ~ I'm sending positive thoughts.

I enjoyed the video. There's something about watching a guy who is wearing glasses over his pumpkin makeup that cracks me up. Really, I've been sitting here laughing while watching this. :)

Dawn said...

Holy moly, I'm glad to hear that your Dad is resting well in the hospital, on the road to recovery. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts - take care!

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