Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sarina Brewer.

Hi Frightners!

So as I have mentioned, this years haunt theme is a traveling Gypsy Sideshow Circus. I have started to do a lot of sideshow/circus research and the world of the sideshow is really and interesting one to read up on.

I want to have a sideshow tent or booth for people to view some various curiosa but of course I need some items to be a part of that show so I have been hunting around for items to both buy and for reference so I can make a few on my own and in my exploration into sideshow exhibits I have come across some very talented taxidermy and gaff artists.

Tonight I would like to highlight Sarina Brewer. Sarina Brewer is a self-proclaimed science nerd melding her past formal art training education with her passion for biology and the bizarre. Her childhood preoccupation with cryptozoology and anomalies of nature manifest themselves in her outlandish reveries of fur and flesh. With these influences, she has carved out an unusual niche for herself in the art world. She now specializes in creating fanciful composite beasts for discerning collectors around the world.

I invite you to take a peek at her website HERE which display a vast variety of her works both Traditional and Non-Traditional.  There is some really interesting stuff and if you are looking to add any unique items to your collection or need something extra cool and creepy for your haunt she even has items for sale. I hope you enjoy. I will be doing more post on the sideshow and world of curios soon so stay tuned!

A few examples of Sarina's work...

    Scaredy Cat
    Hand of Nosferatu
    Winged Monkey


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