Saturday, April 30, 2011

Creepy "Head Stones"

Hey Frightners,

So today I saw something that I just had to write about and show you so you can see with your own eyes. Actual Head Stones! Noooo. these weren't grave headstones (who knows maybe they are?) These were concrete headstones of actual heads just laying in the front yard of a someone's house.

You see next to where my wife works there is this old house and the couple who lives there are supposedly pretty into the arts and have a lot of random sculptures surrounding their property. Well today I went with my wife to an Earthfest Festival in town and we drove past this house. She literally works right next door and told me that one morning they spotted through the bushes what looked like zombie heads coming from the ground but she wasn't sure so I asked her to stop today because I wanted to see these heads for myself and low and behold in the bushes were two stone heads fully grown over in moss.

These things were pretty cool! I didn't really have the guts to go ring the door bell and ask what the story was behind them and I wish I did because I would love to see if they were for sale but I did creep up and snap two shots of these guys. I mean they were awesome, they looked very old and the tops of the heads looked corroded, they almost looked like coral but these were made from stone. I supposed they were sculpted and possibly casted from real people but no matter what it was just weird that they would be lying right there in their front yard.

Well I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was a neat site and I guess it just goes to show you that if you keep your eyes peeled you never know when something weird might present itself to you. I hope to have the opportunity to find out what the story of these guys is one day and if I do you Frightners will be the first ones to know all about it.


GhoulishCop said...

Those are terrific! Not that I'd want them in my yard, at least not until October, but otherwise they're very cool!


Justine's Halloween said...

Yeah, those do look really old! I'll be interested to learn how old they are if you find out.

Dawn (Nickols Manor/Wacky Whimsy) said...

WOAH!!! I won't be able to get THAT off my mind for months!!

Mr. Macabre said...

I love those! I'd definitely have them out all year!

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