Monday, October 17, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Hi Frightners!

Hope all is well in Halloween Land. We are almost set to go for our opening night party this Saturday. It's down to the final little details and then this Thursday and Friday the cemetery goes up and we should be done!

As I was working on the haunt last weekend I took a few short video snippets of the seance room which you can see in below. Not everything was fully set up nor was all the lighting fully installed and on at the time of the video taping but I think it will give you a sense of where this room is going.

We will have a huge abundance of flicker candles and a few real candles on and there will be other dim lighting set on flicker circuits so it appears the lights are short circuiting. Also the music won't be Rue Morgue Radio by the Creepshow haha...that just happened to be on so we had a cool lightshow going with it...we will actually have a storm track playing and besides it you will hear Madame Leota calling in the spirits. We might mix in a subtle third track of ambient music but haven't really decided yet.

I hope you enjoy the little sneak peak. We will start taking final pictures and video this Friday night so the cemetery setup and carnival section are to come and of course a final look at the seance room all edited together for our 2011 haunt video!

Can't wait till Saturday and of course Halloween! I can't believe its upon us!

Stay Frightful!


Marrow said...


This looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
I LOVE the flashing lamps and the Ouiji board effect.

Amazing work, bravo!

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