Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Frightners!'s here! Well it's 5PM here in good Ol Jersey and the Tots are out in force doing their trick or treating. My wife and I are getting ready to head out tonight and explore some of the local haunts in the surrounding towns. We love to try and see a few haunts if possible and since a few of our haunt buddies are close by we want to stop by and say hello.

Our first stop will be at Pandemic Cemetery a haunt located in Metuchen NJ that is put on by Dave Dankanyin. I actually went to High School with Dave's wife Nichole and she recently contacted me awhile back explaining how they came to Grimlock Manor the first year we were open as a Charity haunt for the public. Seems like Dave's love and passion for Halloween is the same as mine and though he is a smaller haunt he packs a punch with various animitronic scares and some great detail all of which he builds himself so I cannot wait to see his haunt live and in person!

After we stop at Pandemic we will be headed to a fellow NJ/PA Make and Take friends haunt Bloodcrest Manor. This is run by my haunt buddy Sharon AKA Joiseygal from Hauntforum. Sharon or Joisey as I call her provides a full walkthrough experience for all the Tot's in her neighborhood. I have done a interview with her which you can find on my Deadtime stories page. I have only ever seen pictures and videos of Sharon's haunt and have never been able to actually go so I am excited to finally make it out this year and let her scare the crap out of me! Haha!

Finally, we will be making our last stop in Roselle Park NJ. Each year the town has a town wide decorating contest to see who can make the scariest home haunt. There are quite a few people who join in the fun and put on some really nice displays and if you really want some Halloween Overload you need to stop by Bender Avenue in Roselle Park. The shut down the enter block and every house decorate and puts on a show. There are hundreds of people who attend the haunts on Bender in full Halloween Garb, it's such a site. I swear that one day I will live on that block!

Well it's time to go get dressed and ready for my Halloween Adventure. I hope you enjoy your Halloween in whatever way you celebrate. Embrace the spirit of the Great Pumpkin and have a frightfully ghoulish time!

Happy Halloween!


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