Monday, October 10, 2011

Skeletons Can Be Sexy!

Hey Frightners!

A warning...this is not for the faint at heart and may not be safe for younger viewers or those of us who are reading blogs during our work hours!......

Now that I have warned you I bring you the current exhibit at the Museum of Sex in NYC. French sculptor  Jean-Marc Laroche is currently exhibiting his newest pieces in what he calls ""Lovers in the Hereafter."

These are life-sized sculptures of skeletons in various sexual positions just in time for Halloween!  I guess you can say these skeletons were really in the spirit! The works which are made from resin and steel, can only be described as, well, expressive in nature.

I came across this exhibit by chance today as I always pass the Museum Of Sex on my way to work (It's literally up the block from me.) I had to do a double take when I saw the two sculptures above in the window display of the Museum. There was of course a huge crowd outside staring and taking photos so naturally I stopped to see what it was all about. You never know what you'll see in NYC...guess thats why I like working there!

I knew I saw skeletons right away so that got me excited (but lets not get out of hand folks..) I was excited that they were skeletons not because of what these particular skeletons were doing with one another. They were literally boning. Man I am on fire with the jokes huh?! Anywhoo..

It was a pretty interesting exhibit and I though it definitely warranted some attention. The collection is much more extensive than just the two pics above and to see more just play the video below. There is actually some other cool and creepy stuff to see. It will definitely make you think a little differently the next time you see a skeleton...who knows what your skeletons in your haunt set ups are doing after dark...hopefully not being bad to the bone!


Marrow said...

Incredible, but pretty out-there. The tied-up skeleton in the video was awesome and creepy.

One particular pair were creepy on a whole different level...
At least they were enjoying themselves :)

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