Saturday, October 15, 2011

Carnival Set Up Pics & More.

Hey Frightners!

So last night was productive as far as special effects are concerned. We set up the Madame Leota Spirit Ball on her table and placed all the candle sticks around her but unfortunately we did not light all the candles because we didn't want to take each of the individual tea lights out of the foe toilet paper roll candle sticks we made, light them, place them back in, take the pictures then take them out again to turn them off...overall...we were lazy haha!

The video tests are posted below. It's pretty dark since we didn't have any additional lights on in the room so you can't really see the spirit ball or the table it is on or anything else for that matter but once we have everything in place we will take better pictures and video. Overall I am happy with the effect and I am sure it will be one of the more interesting ones at the party for people to see.

We also went ahead and made a moving Quija Board last night with an additional mirror ball motor we had laying around so we will place that on the table as well with some books and other gothic decorations surrounding it. A trip to Home Goods is on the list for those items, they have some great odds and ends in that store that are perfect for a haunt so if you haven't checked out a home goods near you then I highly suggest it (if you have one.)

Also, we have some pictures from the carnival set up for you. These were taken last week. The strong man bell is here, the Carnival Of Souls signage and some of the tent. Everything was someone what incomplete. The carnival sign is lacking its lighting, the strong man bell is doesn't have it's bell yet and of course the freak cages and tents weren't close to being done but at as I write this post they are much farther along. The freaks are in the cages and are fully built out. Lights are strung and signage is in place. We still need to set up the rotten candy vendor but that will happen tomorrow.

All in all it's coming together and we will be working on it up to the last minute as always but I am happy with the progress and should have more posts with update pics and video for your shortly!

Stay Frightful!


Mark said...

Very nice! I'm looking forward to seeing the final mini minions!

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