Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Been Awhile!

Hello there fellow Haunters!

Man it's been awhile since I posted on here and I feel bad about it but I hope to change that and be more active in the coming months.

The last we left off we weren't really sure what we would be doing with Grimlock Manor this year. Unfortunately we couldn't obtain enough people to help set up and run the haunt at the Metuchen EMS again this year so we had to settle for a home/party haunt which was still a ton of fun and in many ways a lot less stressful to put together.

We kept with the manor theme but added a new twist to it this year and that twist was the Carnival of Souls. The story goes a little something like this:

( It has been over a year since Billionaire Griswald Grimlock created a machine that he hoped would bring back his beloved Lucilla from the dead unfortunately his attempt went horribly wrong! Various paranormal research groups and scientists tried to enter the mansion and shut down the machine but none returned. With little hope to stop the madness within and no other solution in site the remaining members of the PRDT (Paranormal Research Defense Team) decided to lock up and quarantine the property at which time the PRDT disbanded and never spoke of the event again.

The property later became owned by the town and was put up for sale. It has been rumored that famous world renowned entertainment proprietor Aldus Adderhat of Adderhat Entertainment© has come to an agreement with the town to purchase the property.  It appears as if Mr. Adderhat is creating a new spectacle for any who are brave enough to come attend. Below is a small news clipping that has recently been run in the towns paper…

“Come one, come all, to the Newest most Excitingly Creative Show on Earth, Adderhat’s Carnival of Souls! Do you seek adventure or crave thrills of an otherworldly kind? Do you wish to walk into a world where the lines of reality are blurred and your wildest dreams will come true? If so than do not hesitate to attend The Carnival of Souls! Open one Night only. Admission is Free, Simply RSVP!)

We attached this back story to the invites we sent out to our friends and family just to help get them into the mood of the haunt and also to help everything make some more sense. In order to tie into the evolving story line we began adding some new rooms to the haunt and had two new fun house style rooms.

We decorated with blacklights and had blacklight reflective techno bubbles, plenty of glowing and flashing lights and of course some fun yet scary clown entertainers to spook and great the guests of the mansion. After the fun house you entered the Manor itself where most of the scenes that we had last year were present. We tried to refinish a few props and reposition things as well as add new lighting to the scenes that we didn't have last year. I think all in all it all came out ok, of course I am overly critical of things and there is plenty that we did not have time to do as well as plenty that we couldn't do due to windy conditions that we could have done without but in the end we had fun like always.

Below are a few pictures of the haunt. We have production, setup and final shots all mixed in along with the invite cases that we sent out. Hopefully next year we can have some better quality pictures also accompanied by some video which is a must for me. I always feel like we never leave ourself enough time to photograph or video our haunt but I'm going to be sure we get it done for 2011!

We intend on continuing the Carnival theme and expanding it next year which we hope to be our best yet and to ensure that it is we are going to get started on it now! I hope to log the entire process from here on out until we open next Halloween so please keep your eye out.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and for now enjoy some pics of this years Carnival of Souls, presented by Grimlock Manor!


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