Friday, January 29, 2010


Happy Friday!

Well it is week two and the beginning of our home haunt adventure! As with any new project we wanted to start collecting reference and begin to build ideas for this years home haunt. Of course we can't just do any old home haunt! We really wanted to research those home haunters out there that really push the envelop and take it to a whole new level.

We have mentioned the Davis Graveyard in the past as one of the home haunts that has inspired us and you can find a link to their site in our side menu bar but today we wanted to point out an awesome home haunt that is put on by Steve Hickman of Terror Syndicate which is called "Dark Works." You can see pictures of it here:

We really believe what Steve does is quite amazing! He turns his entire driveway & backyard space into a huge attraction that in some cases could rival some pro haunts.

His creations (most of which are handmade) really are something different. We came across Steve's haunt while purchasing some props from his company Terror Syndicate. When we were browsing his site we noticed a "Haunts" section and were just blown away by all props he has built custom for his own haunt.

Seeing Steves haunt Dark Works has made us realize that paying attention to detail and going the extra mile to create something that come straight from your own imagination and is a custom one of a kind piece can be the recipe that helps put our haunt ahead of the curve.

We are excited to continue to add new home haunts that inspire us and as we take notes and come up with our ideas we will give you a sneak peak into what we have planned for 2010 but for now please take a minute to head on over to Steves site and check out his Dark Works Home really is amazing!

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