Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year New Goals!

Ahhh the first post of the New Year. I know a little late but hey better late then never! So what's new for Grimlock Manor in 2010? Well we don't know?! Not the answer I was hoping to give but we are in a holding pattern still and are awaiting feedback from last years host the Metuchen EMS.

Last years show was a fun one to concept and work on but like all new ventures it had it's ups and downs and we faced a lot of adversity along the way but the end outcome definitely showed me that hard work and dedication can pay off. We had a great turn out on our opening Friday night and still continued our strong showing through the early hours of Saturday night when the rain put an end to our show mid way through.

All in all it wasn't exactly what we had wanted to happen but I think we get an "E" for effort. When you can safely put 800+ people through a haunt and hear the screams then you know you did something right and that is exactly the response we had received.

We held a recap meeting with the EMS late November to try and make a decision on weather to move forward with GLM year 2. A lot depends on their willingness to support the show this year as it's understandably a lot of work which I think many people fail to realize. You have to plan, concept, build and market the show which takes time. Putting together a dedicated crew to build a haunted house attraction is no easy task so we still need to sit and be patient.

The creators behind GLM do intend to keep our show afloat no matter what the EMS decision of the EMS is. We believe in our show and for those people who became fans of us this year we will ensure you that there will be something to see somewhere!

I wish there was more interesting development to share with you, pictures, builds happening etc but we feel confident there will be movement on our project near the end of this month and a decision will be made weather it is year two at the EMS or a new location altogether. Either way will will continue to keep you informed and hope that those of you who continue to check in will keep doing so because we do appreciate it.

Here is to hoping for a fun 2010 Halloween Season full of FRIGHT!



Grimlock Manor Producer and resident Frightguy!


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