Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slow and Steady wins the race.

Hey Frightners!

Well as the title says things at Grimlock Manor have been slow yet steady these past 2 months or so but it should all eventually pay off in the end. We are weeks away from our closing date on our first home! I am SOoooo excited to move in and though my first plan of action is to get our nursery all set up for the arrival of our first Tot (May 31st) my brain is also in overdrive about how I will be haunting our house this year!

We will be living in a very haunter friendly neighborhood in Roselle Park NJ. Our street connects with Bender Ave which has been deemed Halloween central for the past however many years. I have been to the "Bender Experience" which is what RP natives have dubbed it and I have to say it is a sight! Every house has a display and every display  has some theatrics going on from actors dressed as zombies rising from their graves to the mad scientist in his lab bringing Frankenstein to life, Bender has it all but as you near the end of Bender ave you come upon Henry Street which is where we are located.

Even though we are not right in the middle of Halloween Central I am sure I can create a display that engages everyone to walk cautiously close enough for me to scare them! I've never had a house of my own to haunt but needles to say I am eager to move in and get to work! There have been so many things I have wanted to do that I have been limited in doing because I am not haunting my own property but now I have no limitations and it's time to unbind the demon wings and fly!

My haunters life is evolving and new challenges await not to mention needing to get into some new daily habits with taking care of a ToT but I welcome it with open arms and am looking forward to what I can accomplish. Some people would say it's time to slow down now and the focus has to be put towards others things but I don't see it like that, maybe I am wrong and will be telling you that later down the line in future posts but I like to believe that slow and steady wins the race and my life as a haunter only has just begun!

Stay Frightful.


The Frog Queen said...

Wow, lots ahead of you. Enjoy your news digs...and life. It is meant to be that way!


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