Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sketch Theater

Hi Frightners!

As always my endless thirst for creative inspiration continues and recently I have been focusing my attention on the craft of sculpting, molding making and painting. I suppose it has all been coming from watching Faceoff, Monster Man and Monster Makers most recently but regardless of that monster making is just something I am getting more and more into.

I really want to improve in the areas I listed above and become a more versatile artist. In the past few years I have experimented but have never truly focused on practicing these skills and constantly trying to better myself at them.

As a home haunter and graphic designer in general millions of ideas continue to swirl in and out of my head and I have come to the full realization that I need to really push myself to start creating some of these visions for my haunt because the normal ghouls and ghosts aren't cutting it for me much anymore. How many times can I create an oversized spider, carve a tombstone or create a scarecrow? Well I could do it endless because lets face it it is fun! however, I do strive to do more.

For me haunting is an outlet to simply be creative. I can't lie, I have a normally creative 9-5 job as a graphic designer but the work normally starts and stops on the computer. I can't get dirty, sculpt with clay, heat and bend pvc, carve foam or do anything along those lines at work but when I come home from work I can sit in my dungeon and start to let my imagination run free using what ever tools and supplies I have at the ready to create one of a kind pieces of art but ya know sometimes the best pieces can't be realized until you do have an initial concept down on paper so this all brings me back to sitting down at a computer before I can even get to the fun stuff!

I have been reading up on some of my favorite concept artists out there to learn more about their processes and one of my favorites of whom I would like to share with you is Jordu Schell.

Some of you may be familiar with Jordu's work as it can be seen in a number of big budget movies but most recently he was featured in a few episodes of The Monster Makers on Travel Channel. Jordu is an extraordinary concept artist and sculptor and in his latest interview on he talks about his process and even explains how the best designs usually always start with a sketch.

The coolest thing about Sketch Theater is you can watch each artist that is featured on the site actually go through the process of creating their sketches. All of the videos are usually done in time lapse but to see where they begin and how they go through their thought process of creating each sketch I find to be very inspiring.

I highly suggest reading Jordu's interview, checking out sketch theater and taking at least one peek at the entire process of Jordu creating the sketch above by watching it from the links provided below.

I suppose before I start doing any new sculpts this year I will need to start doing my own concept drawings and sharing all my dark creations here with you. Maybe I can get some helpful suggestions along the way that will help me pick which concepts to try to fully realize but it's definitely time to start to get to work because Halloween is only just around the corner!

Stay Frightful~


The Frog Queen said...

Cool post! I am definitely checking that out!

I am a cheater....a couple of our crew members are great sketch artists, and I abuse (I mean use) their talent every chance I get.


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