Saturday, December 10, 2011

They Shoot They Score!!

Hey Frightners!

Some quick updates on the pro haunt situation for you. In case you haven't been keeping up with any of the recent posts I am teaming up with Dr. Death of Pandemic Cemetery & GhoulishCop from Devils Eve to create a professional haunt for Secaucus High School next year.

This week we took a trip to meet with our contacts at the school and discuss the entire set up process for next year and see first hand where we would be constructing our haunt and in that process we were given the biggest gift we could have ever imagined. An over 20,000 sq ft hockey arena to use however we please!

In the midst of our conversation the school principle Dr. Bob told us that instead of trying to work around the school schedule and the many events that go on during the week at the school which may impact and even disturb our build process he had what he thought may be a better idea and asked us if we would be willing to take a little car ride to check something out. Naturally we said sure and a few minutes later we ended up at the Secaucus Hockey Arena.

Myself, Dave and Rich all looked at one another and back at the arena in shear amazement when Dr. Bob proceeded to ask us if we would like to use it to build our haunt for the school. He said we would have full access to the rink with no interruption. We could come and go as we pleased, build any day or night seven days a week and months in advance of our opening date. Of course this seemed to be a no brainer and we said absolutely!

The rink not only offers a HUGE space to build the haunt we envision (and yes the ice will be covered by flooring in case you were wondering haha!) but it also gives us plenty of space for our patrons to park, an ideal location that is close to a major highway that runs in and out of New York and simply endless possibilities for marketing and more.

This really is going to be a challenge for us as we couldn't have ever imagined having something so immense to use. Some pro haunts probably don't have this type of space but the trick part is using it wisely and of course filling it out.

We will need to be clever as we proceed to format our plan of action and begin a virtual layout of the space for a presentation that we will be giving to both the principle of the High School Dr. Bob and potentially even the Mayor of the town who Dr. Bob believes will be very excited and supportive of this event.

Tomorrow is a big planning day and you can bet I will have pictures, video and more information to share with you all. We are all very greatful for this opportunity and excited at the potential that it presents for one heck of a haunt! It's time to get to work and let the creativity begin to flow!

I hope you will all continue to check in on our progress.

Stay Frightful!



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