Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Taking some time to develop.

Hi Frightners!

I know it's been a few days if not weeks since my last post and I just felt I should chime in. I am still here and have some drafts written that I need to finish before I start posting again but I've been pretty busy as of late with last minute holiday shopping and preparations so I have been slacking a bit on the blog so I do apologize and promise more is coming!

I have also been busy working on the pro haunt which there is some news to share with you on that front. We have secured a domain name for our company, yes company. Us four amigos will be joining together and the haunt will be presented by out company which is called........wait for it......

Yes you will just have to wait for it haha! I am sorry...let the boos start now but we really want to wait until the logo design is complete and the website is more presentable. What I can promise is is that at Hauntcon this year we will all be there in force with flyers, T-Shirts, Business cards and more to promote our haunt which we have also named as well as promoting our company.

Dave, Rich, Johnny and myself have all been working hard on every aspect of our haunt design. A full business plan is being drafted by Rich. Dave is creating a full 3D layout of all 3 haunts...yes 3 haunts in one! And myself and Johnny are developing all of the logo design as well as renderings of each of the 3 facades so needless to say we have been BUSY!

There may be a few more days between each post in the coming month but I assure you I am here and working hard to bring you some cool new updates and content. Hopefully by next week you will get to see our first logo design as we reveal our haunt name to the haunt community. We will need to think of a cool way to do this so let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Do you want us to reveal on BlogTV. Do you want a full Vlog on Youtube? Or is simple blog post cool enough? Perhaps a podcast even?? HMmmmmm....I will entertain all but if you are reading this post I would love to hear your thoughts on how you would like us to continue to update you about our pro haunt venture. We will take all suggestions under consideration and give credit where credit is due!

Stay frightful!


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