Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Furry Bones!

Hey Frightners!

Goooood Morning! I'm up early today putting together this mornings Vlog and of course here I am writing my blog post for today and I suppose I am getting an early jump start because today is going to be a busy and exciting day as it is the first time that I will be headed to the location of where our pro haunt will be next year to check it all out.

I will be headed to Secaucus High with Dr. Death & GhoulisCop this afternoon at 2PM to take some measurements and have an initial kick off meeting to discuss the haunt for next year so I am really looking forward to that. I hope to get some more pictures and video to share with everyone and hopefully post tonight but until then lets get into some other cool stuff that we can talk about right now!

Now a few weeks back I went to Cape May NJ with my wife to spend a weekend at one of our favorite little Bed and Breakfasts Elaines. I have raved about Elaine's in previous blog posts. It is a cool little B&B right smack in the heart of of Cape May. Elaine's not only features the towns only Haunted Mansion dinner theater but the B&B itself is reportedly haunted and trust me, my wife and I can share a lot of stories about that being true!

Any-hoo! While we were in Cape May we usually like to take to the Washington Street Mall which is a 3 block concourse which has been around since 1972. This is the best place to walk around and take in the small town atmosphere while browsing some pretty interesting shops. If you like old antiques, cool nic nacs or are simply just looking for some good eats and drinks then Washington Street Mall is the place to go while your in Cape May. It is also a great starting place for those new to the Cape as you can visit their visitor center and book an excursion on one of their many Trolley Tours and or Horse and Buggy Rides. I suggest the Ghosts of Cape May tour or the tour of the Physick Estate which is an amazing victorian mansion with haunted past!

While browsing through the shops that weekend I came across these really fun resin casted characters called Furry Bones! Furry Bones are the brain child of an artist by the name of Misaki. Misaki grew up in Tokyo and moved to LA just before her 17th birthday. While in the states she studied art and anatomy. Her interests in both anatomy an her love for Manga and Japanese Anime have been the driving force behind her Furry Bone collection.

I was instantly drawn to her collection because the first thing I noticed when I saw them on the shelf were their skull faces and me being a Halloween nut and loving skulls how could you not be drawn to that! As you can tell the "Furry" in Furry Bone is in reference to the characterization of each of these little guys as they all represent a different animal of sorts. The "Bone" well of course that refers to their bone faces.

I would have loved to take each and everyone of them home that day but I decided to start my Furry Bone collection with the monkey holding a banana haha! I mean come on, it's a monkey holding a banana! I mean what's better than that haha! Well of course there are plenty other Furry Bones with their unique characteristics and charm each to themselves so it was a hard choice to just pick one but I am looking forward to adding one here and there little by little and at a modest $8.75 a piece you can easily grow your collection by leaps and bounds and fear not!, once you have them all Misaki also has an abundance of other Furry Bone Collectibles like Furry Bone plush animalssalt and pepper shakerscoffee mugs, and more!

With the holidays around the corner my suggestion is a cool Furry Bones collectible for the Halloween fanatic friend, spouse or family member of yours. You can't go wrong and I promise you will love them to DEATH!

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