Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vlog 2..I mean 3!

Hey all!

Man, wow! Two vlogs in a matter of days. Doing these does become addicting. I've been having fun vlog'n and hope to keep it up. As promised here is what was supposed to be my 2nd vlog which was a trip around the Grimlock Manor Dungeon. I had some trouble downloading the video from my phone but got things figured out finally! I was looking for some LED's I had had laying around for a prop build I had in mind (more on that later) but just took the opportunity to show some of the props I had laying out.

There are a few vendors I had mentioned in the video that I will list below in case anyone is interested but I hope you enjoy Vlog number 3.

Stay Scary!

Vendor List:
Black Forest Fabrication
Ghost Ride Productions


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