Sunday, February 27, 2011

Props Update.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday was a productive prop building day. My make and take group will be building a grave grabber prop this March so I headed out to Lowes yesterday to pick up some of the supplies on the parts list. I am pretty excited for this build since it will be my first one actually using a motor and adding motion to a prop.

I have wanted to create more animated props for my haunt the last two years but have always found it hard to do so since I am not that good with engineering those types of props but with some help of the talent people in my make and take I think I will be able to do some pretty cool stuff! I've posted a quick video example of the grave grabber we will be building below so check it out!

Also yesterday, I started to jump back into my Mache/Claycrete head sculpt. I am in the process of editing some of the video I took yesterday of the sculpt as it progressed. It's far from finished but I was able to block out more of the face and now I have a solid idea of what I am going for. It will be a creepy clown face. I am making multiple carnival game booths this year so I wanted to create a few game attendants to man the booths and this guy will be one of them.

The Claycrete has been easy to work with and fairly inexpensive. A 5lb bag could cost around $15-20 and a 1lb bag about $5 so if your looking to save time from making your own paper pulp than this is a nice alternative. Also a little Claycrete does go a long way. You can buy the Claycrete in most craft stores or you can search for it online.

You'll see in the video I talk a little about the sculpting abilities of Claycrete. Though you can't really smooth it out and add lots of detail while working with the Claycrete you can easily apply, shape and form it. You can quickly make defined shapes and a basic structures. The drying time for the Claycrete will vary depending on how much you use and how thick you make it. I let my head sculpt sit over night and it was fully dry by the morning.

Overall I think Claycrete has a lot of good uses, it's quick to mix up, easy to apply and not that messy and it's a huge time saver from making your own pulp. I am looking forward to using it on some mache pumpkins a little later and might even try it out for other small projects lie fo-bricks and ornamental details for tombstones. Check out some of the pics below and look for the video to be posted later today.

 A Quick Video Example of the Grave Grabber Prop. This prop uses a deer motor to run it. I like the addition of the tombstone behind this particular grave grabber.

 The eyes are ping pong balls. The base of the head was a paper mache ball that was made to be about head size. I added a thin layer of clayceret to the mache than attached the ping pong balls with gorilla glue. At this stage I just started to fill in around the eyes, made a brow line and a suggested area for the nose and cheek bones.

You can see here that I started to give some expression to the face. I added in eyelids, squinting one eye to make it smaller than the other and a built up a big round clown nose and added nostrils. The cheek bones have also been raised some. Next up I will add more to the forehead and then start working on the ears and mouth. I haven't decided yet if I will sculpt everything with the claycrete, I may make the teeth out of sculpy but we see.


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