Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Props!

We just got some cool new toys for our haunt today! 

Our first image is our vintage Underwood Typewriter for our "Study Room." We are trying to obtain a very classic/vintage look for Grimlock Manor. Because the main Character Griswald Grimlock was a world traveler and former archaeologist we felt the Manor should be filled with various vintage items as well as oddities that Mr. Grimlock has collected over the years. The typewriter should fit in nicely to that point.

Next up is an old "BAT" lantern. As I understand these were made in Germany and are much older as they use lamp oil with a wick. We will most likely be using this one with our graveyard caretaker character.

Finally we come to our cool new toy, a mini air cannon! We will probably be using a few of these in our attraction but we can't tell you were! It's a nice effect and powerful enough to spook the best of them. We have to give credit were credit is due as the cannon was created by the folks at the DC Cemetery. DC Cemetery is a home haunted attraction in Mountain View CA that has a large display during halloween. DC won a contest in 2007 run by for the scariest home haunted house. While the folks at DC are creating their awesome display they are also busy building some of the same devices they use in their display for other haunts like ours for example. Be sure to check them out and see what other "devious concoctions" they have brewing.

The Grimlock Manor Crew~


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