Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday The 13th Folklore and More.

Hi Frightners,

Just getting in a late night post before I turn in. I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday the 13th! As I was reading my local newspaper today I came across an article explaining how Friday the 13th is for some people a type of holiday in which various folklore and superstitions are told and and in a way celebrated. To me it seems funny to celebrate what is purposed to be one of the unluckiest days there is but hey what can I say because some people would say I am weird for celebrating Halloween every single day of my life!

I decided to look up some more history on Friday the 13th and like most things these days I cam across a Wikipedia page for it. In short the Wiki page says that folklorists say there is no written evidence for the Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century. The earliest known documented reference in English occurs in Henry Sutherland Edwards 1869 biography of Giachino Rossini, who died on a Friday the 13th.

Several theories have been proposed about the origin and one of the most popular is that it is a modern amalgamation of two older superstitions: That thirteen is an unlucky number and Friday is an unlucky day because in numerology the number 12 is considered the number of completeness as is reflected in the months of the year, twelve hours of the clock, twelve gods of Olympus, 12 Apostles of Jesus, and so on and so forth.

So lets all thank the number 13 for showing up to the party uninvited and ruining everything why don't we! I suppose we can at lest thank the 13th for giving us a pretty great iconic horror movie and beloved slasher Jason Voorhees. We love you Jason!

Luckily that somewhat segways into my next topic and as promised I have another quick link  and cool horror related online store for you to check out at

Horror signs is as the name says all about horror signs. From Zombie crossing signs to I Heart Horror Movies license plates, Horror Signs has it all. One of my personal favorite which you can bet I am buying my ToT is the Zombie Bait shirt. The kid below doesn't seem to thrilled about his future but I suppose nobody who is doomed to be the main course at the Zombie shmorgishborg would be to thrilled.

So take a peak at Horror Signs and again, I hope you enjoyed your Friday The 13th! This is the end of our regularly scheduled programming for today..catch you on the flip side!


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