Monday, January 11, 2016

Starting Madame Leota

Hello Fright Fans!

So I just posted about over analyzing your art and in that post I spoke about a project where I did just that, my Madame Leota Sculpt which is going to be used for my Madame Leota Tombstone prop this year.

I wanted to post some pictures of the beginning stages of the sculpt so you can see the process. You will see where I started then kind of peeled back and re-started and where I am with it right now. The 2 biggest issue I was having with it were the eyes and the hair. I eventually went out and bought some wooden balls from a craft store to place in as the eyes and work around and I have found it has helped tremendously however, the eyes are still slightly too close to one another. I pretty much left it as is and continued to push forward with the sculpt.

The hair was my other issue. I keep looking at it from all angles and am trying to get it to match the reference picture the best I can. I think I left it in a place where I am starting to like it but I still have some ways too go with it.

My set up is not the best but I am learning a lot with this one as I move along. I was hoping it was going to make it into the 2015 display but I started it a bit too late. The goal is to finish the sculpt and mold and cast this in a lightweight resin which I can mount on the tombstone I make for her.

Leota's stone has moving eyes at the actual attraction but my prop will just be a static prop. I may fool with the idea of creating a projection of moving eyes because it's within my comfort zone to give that a try but with many other prop build on my list for 2016 it may have to wait.

If you have any questions with what you see please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. I am no prop and simply at a novice level but I am happy to share what I have done to this point and what has worked and not worked thus far.

I hope you enjoy these initial pictures and as I progress up to the final look I will continue to share all the progress.

Back to work!



lady M said...

Awesome - that is looking good!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Wow, that is coming along nicely. Absolutely love it.


Grimlock Manor said...

Thank you! Looking forward to posting more progress pics soon!

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