Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grimlock Manor Set up Progress..

Hello everyone,

We wanted to chime in, say hello and update everyone on the set up progress of Grimlock Manor. Things have been going well. We got in early this past Sunday morning and set up all of the interior wall panels and luckily we had just enough. It was amazing to see them all standing up and put together. I think my favorite room right now would have to be a toss up between our study or the lab but we will leave that for you to decide! Monday and Tuesday was spent sorting out all of the props into the rooms they belonged in and then we really got into detailing the rooms. I will say this, no matter how much you plan for you will always run into a problem but from those problems come some cool new ideas of how something can be done and I think there are a few things that have been improved upon. Tonight we are pushing ahead with additional lighting, audio and starting to set up the crypt. Thursday is our last day of final tweaks and last minute additions of small props. For such a small space it will be a sight to behold for sure! It's been such a labor of love and I hope we do Middlesex County justice and bring them a haunt they can be proud of. We would love to make this bigger and better year after year and hope this will be the taste the wets everyones appetite for more!

See YOU there Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7PM-11Pm Nightly and be sure to bring your friends because you won't want to miss Grimlock Manor!!

Frightfully yours,
The Grimlock Manor Crew~


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