Saturday, April 11, 2009

National Haunters Convention

Hello all!

So we just got in from the National Haunters Convention in Valley Forge PA. and overall it was  a great show! We were pleasantly surprised to see over 100 vendors at the show and took the time to look at what everyone had to offer. We are currently making our "grocery list" and will start purchasing some of the great props we saw very soon.

So what did we see and like? As we said there were so many great vendors to choose from and we can't write about them all or else it would be a novel however  just to mention a few...

We met Scott Winberg of Black Forest Fabrication and I have to say his Hand Crafted Bucky Corpse Skeletons & Skulls are amazing! Scotts attention to detail and love for what he is doing shines through in his skeleton creations and because of that we took one home from the show and will definitely be in the market for more soon. For more information about Black Forest Fabrication please visit You won't be disappointed!

Next up is Waken Productions. We met with Jim Kiser the Vise President for Waken. He was nice enough to show us through a demo of their newest prop "The Puppets Of Petoskey." If you have a fear of dolls & puppets than these little guys were creepy! I believe there were about 4-5 different designs all of which had head, mouth and arm & leg movements and could be made to say custom phrases that go in line with the theme of your haunt. These puppets could be used as greeter characters of just as part of a scene in your attraction. Our favorite was the little girl. The most interesting thing about these animated puppets were that they were plug and play ready, no air needed. For more information on Waken Products and their products visit their website at

Finally we came across Graveyard Prop Shop & Nightscream Studios. Both of these vendors had some great offerings. We were very impressed with Graveyard's prop called "The Gate." This was a massive entrance with talking skull, Fogging Pillars and great overall detail. The Graveyard Prop Shop also had some very realistic tombstones, so far I believe these were the best I have seen in person. Nightscream Studios had a very impressive display and some very original props. Their Chomper Beast seemed to be a crowd favorite, the Chomper starts at 6 ft tall but grows to 10 ft with moving arms, head and mouth. It's pretty hard to miss in a crowd! I was also a fan of their "Tree of Death"  The Tree of death stand a little over 8 ft tall but without notice the top half which looks like a scarecrow with arms lunges down towards you. You can visit both of these vendors by going to

We will eventually get around to posting all of the links to each of the vendors we meet at the show and will be sure to post our pictures and videos ASAP. 

I highly suggest coming out to the NHC next year if you missed it this year. It was great to meet everyone and talk a little haunt talk. There are some great vendors out there and a lot of hardworking people who spend so much of their time designing some quality props and it is always very inspiring not to mention cool to take home some of those amazing props!

 Last but not least I'd also like to say a special thanks to Jay Wright of Goatman Hollow for taking the time to meet with us. He had a lot of great information to share and was very helpful. Please check out Goat Man Hollow at

Until the next post!

The Grimlock Manor Crew~


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