Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to the Grimlock Manor News and Notes page! This is our very first post to the page and we hope to continue bringing you exciting updates as we move closer to our opening day this October! Please continue to check in with us as we provide updates, pictures and videos of our haunt from it's conception and leading up to our opening day This October 2009.

The idea for Grimlock Manor actually began this past October. For years our team of friends have created small attractions for our friends and families. Each year our shows grew in size and quality and this past October we sat down to discuss the potential of bringing our show to a larger crowd.

Our fright team consists of designer from all trades. From graphic to industrial we have a tight crew of friends who love halloween and posses the tools to create an awesome show! Like most haunters out there we each have grown up creating yard and home haunts, watching horror movies and being intrigued by the paranormal. When it comes to haunting our inspiration comes from all over. So many people have brought this industry to knew heights that we can't name just one. Each year there are people working year round to make their haunts bigger and more exciting, it's the effort that is put in by those individuals that inspires us the most and it goes to show that hard work and dedication can really count for something.

Our current focus is locking in our space for this year. We are in talks with an establishment right now and will reveal the location shortly. While we discuss our plans for our location we are creating our prop and set pieces and will post pictures to our website as we receive them. The remainder of March will be a quite month for new mainly because so much is being decided and worked on so look toward April to be a more exciting month for updates. Our website will be 100% complete with pictures, videos and many other fun surprises so be sure to stay tuned.

Thanks again for stopping in to view our latest news and updates. It's only the beginning for Grimlock Manor so please keep on the lookout for what is in store next.


The Grimlock Manor Crew~


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